“MvpMiggz is a 16 year old rap artist from Philadelphia. Miggz is different from the ordinary, tends to talk about things many people can relate to, his life, and what’s going on around him or in his community. What separates Miggz from any other rapper is his way of delivery, the many flows he has, outstanding lyrics, and he doesn’t curse in any of his music! Miggz made his name big in his city by creating many videos of his talent, sharing his music on the Internet, and doing many performances.

Miggz started rapping at a young age writing his own lyrics, he began to make it a career about 1-2 years ago by making music and sharing it on the Internet creating a name for himself. The main thing he wants to accomplish is being able to take care of his family on his own and help change his community. Even though he is still in high school he manages to maintain great grades while still having to work on his music everyday. You can find any of MvpMiggz’s music on Soundcloud and Youtube under (MvpMiggz).”