Jaye Fletch

Jaye Fletch, a North Philadelphia native better known as JFLETCH began her music career in 2004 after a friend introduced her to a local producer by the name of Steve “six six ” Mitchell, the owner of Playmakers ENT (PME).
Jaye was the first artist to ever be recorded by PME. Jaye stayed in the studio recording with PME as well as another North Philly team, by the name of Grand MARQ ENT. After taking the entire year of 2007 off to focus on family & life, Jaye returned to PME and began recording her first mix-tape, which was to be titled “MURDAHSHEWROTE”. However due to internal issues within PME, “MURDAHSHEWROTE” was never released.
From 2008 until 2013 there was no studio recording in the picture for Jaye. After many disappointments, she’d decided to give up on music altogether. But, in the spring of 2013, she received a call from an old friend who’d formed a rap group by the name of A.M.M.O, (A Money Making Operation), and asked if she would like to give it one more run. Jaye jumped at the opportunity. The love of her craft gave her the determination and strength to not only give it one more try but to give it her all.